Organizations are driven to connect


There are more threats & risks to sharing

Not sharing is not an option


Privacy is a concern and a cost


Industry and government organizations need general-purpose "trust management" capabilities that dynamically discover and connect distributed online resources for data and applications, by enforcing their owners' granular privacy, security, and organization policies. Currently, there are no other systems for large-scale trust management. There are many interoperable platforms, yet no common infrastructure that enables specification of policies, representation of identities and credentials, or evaluation and enforcement of policies, while maintaining the privacy of the data being evaluated.

To achieve an Internet-scale trust management capability, Resilient Network Systems has created the Trust Network platform that addresses this urgent need for ubiquitous trust management. The Trust Network serves as middleware between users and its network of online resources to enable a decentralized, pervasive trust management system, with supporting discovery, matching, and verification of identities for people, organizations, and information.


Use Case Examples:

  • Access control for web content and applications
  • Dissemination control for sensitive files
  • Secure web conferencing and collaboration
  • Data analytics that preserve privacy
  • Automate compliance with complex regulations,
    such as those for health information exchange
    and school records access


  • Share better, faster, and more cost-effectively
  • Virtualize your actual trust relationships in the network
  • Manage access, not identity
  • Easily achieve multiple factors of authorization
  • Privacy is baked in for all parties on the Trust Network


  • Developers
  • Platforms
  • Enterprises


We provide the Trust Network platform to bring trust management to the Internet. Trust Networks virtualize real-world relationships and conditions of trust, resolve identities in the network, and enforce each party's policies. This enables disparate organizations and users to share sensitive information and applications while maintaining control and privacy. Enterprises, government agencies, and online platforms leverage Trust Networks to collaborate and share information with their ecosystems of partners and customers.

Resilient is based in San Francisco, CA, and has people in the Washington, DC area as well. We work with customers and partners throughout the United States, and are evaluating opportunities to extend the Trust Network internationally.