Extend your Box perimeter with dynamic access control policies

Resilient for Box

Resilient Access™ is the access middleware solution that works seamlessly with Box™ to enable granular security, strong authentication, and user lifecycle management for enhanced sharing and governance. (Download the data sheet.)

Resilient can be quickly configured for:

  • Box Shared Links sent across organization boundaries
  • SSO and authorization for Box Virtual Data Rooms (roles and groups)
  • Custom integrations with IAM and governance systems

Try us free for 30 days.  No credit card required. Pricing from $1 per user. To begin visit us at the Box App Gallery.

Get Started in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Visit the Box App Gallery and click the “add” button
  2. Select the Box document to be secured and choose “Resilient Access” from the dropdown
  3. Create an access policy by dragging the pre-configured authorities to the policy area
  4. Send the secure URL to the document recipient
  5. The recipient can only download/view the document if the access policy has been successfully resolved

Pricing – From $1 per user

Starting at $1 per user/per month you can create access policies comprised of both internal and external, free and paid custom services:

  • Internal authorities include connectors for your directories (AD, LDAP), OTP, databases (MySQL) and Web Services for authentication, authorization and identity attribute retrieval
  • External authorities include CAPTCHA, Phone, Email, Knowledge-Based, SMS, Voice, Google Authenticator and several mobile authentication products

We also include a free one-time, consultation with a Resilient security expert, who can advise you on how best to secure your Box documents.